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crappy drawings…raise an empire

20 Jul

This is the first time I write here. I was looking for a blog or a web wich tell to the people what kind of company is kukuxumusu. Maybe you know that kind of drawings they make. They look like they are made by a retarded guy, but in fact they are made by this semi-bald fat man.


"the city is mine"

This enterprise has a license to do anything they want here in Pamplona and specially during the San Fermin party. There´s nothing they can´t sell, they can sell food and beer in front the policeman without license to do it (forbiden by the law here). They can sell you “kalimotxo”(is a typical blend of cola and wine)with his own label. They have a lot of shops in the street, when by the law, you just can have one. And many many more things that we will tell you here, stay tuned!! Cheers from this monopolized small town.